My neighbour has a Transformer. Can I get power from it?

Yes but you may be limited to a certain amount of power, you may need to pay reimbursement to the neighbour, you will need to create an easement and you will need to approach the neighbour to get the permission and sign documents.

I have power lines across my land but no pole. Can I get power?

Yes as we can install an inline pole under the existing lines and install a transformer on it.

I have a power pole on my land can I get power from it?

Yes but the pole needs to be in good condition, 11.5m to 12.5m high and have a 6kn strength. Most poles have a metal plug with engraving on it pushed into the pole, this can often tell you what height and what strength the pole is. If the pole is not strong enough or is too short it will need to be replaced.

I have power lines that run along the road out the front of my land. Can I get power from them?

Yes you can install a transformer on that pole or extend the powerlines into you lot and install a transformer on the last pole to bring it closer to your building site. The location of the pole in the road reserve can present different issues that need to be considered.

Is installing overhead power cheaper than installing underground power?

In most cases the answer is yes. Distance plays a major role in the cost of any power installation.
What is involved in creating an easement for power? There are a number of ways to create easements. These include getting permission off the landowner, power design drawn up to show easement locations required, survey plan and easement documents drawn up showing required easements, survey plan and easement documents signed by landowner, signed survey plan and easement documents approved by Essential Energy, easement registered on Title Deed of the landowner.

When I get power installed do I get a power point to use?

Yes we can install a power point if you get a switch board installed.

What if I need power to the shed or house or both and they are not built yet?

We can install what is called a builders box which is basically a switchboard installed on a metal post. We can leave spare cable in the back of the switch board so that your builder electrician can move the switchboard onto the houseĀ  or shed once built.

How long does it take to get power to my land?

At this stage it is about 4 to 5 months and that is not including any time for easement creation if required. Construction normally only takes 2 to 5 days. The rest of the time is dealing with Essential Energy and Local Councils.

How do I get a quote to put power on my land?

Contact the office on 48 227 477. At a minimum you will need to provide, Lot and DP numbers and an address for the property along with your contact details. If you can take a photo of the pole and its number that would be helpful to remove variables from the quote.